diameter of bubbles displayed using glyph

I have made a representation of a bubblig reactor with lagrangian particles,
for the particles I:

  1. extracted them with extract block
  2. used glyph with radius=1 and that scales with d field.
    the thing is that when I see my representation in paraview, the glyphs are way larger in diameter in comparation to their corresponding ‘d’ field.

in paraview, the limits of my geometry is -0.5 to 0.5 and the maximum d (from the spreadsheet of the glyph filter is 0.00791185)
if I take a screenshot and compare the respective sizes in inkscape, I am getting that for a domain that is 1000 (0.5- (-0.5) scaled) I have particles of 13.9.

what I am missing?

here is the complete script and data: SamplePerPixels - #3 by otaolafr

thanks in advance

just to answer my own question, it is a scale array to ‘d’ instead of to ‘r’ so in the scale factor we need to put 0.5