Difference of results between times

Hello! How to to calculate the difference in actual cell volume between times? For example, how to to calculate the increment of actual volume of the cell No 20 between time 4 and 3. Can a ProgrammableFilter help here? Is it possible to calculate the result increment for all cells in a spreadsheet view?

In ParaView 5.10:

Edit->Find Data. Set the Data Producer to the source that produces the dataset. Set the Element Type to Cell. Set the query to ID is 20. Click Find Data

Under the Selected Data section, click the Extract button. This creates a new Extract Selection source. Click Apply.

Now you have a dataset with just Cell 20.

Add a Force Time filter to the Extract Selection filter. Set the Forced Time to 4. Add another Force Time filter. Set the Forced Time to 3.

Now using option click, select both Force Time filters in the Pipeline Browser. Add a Python Calculator. Set the Expression to volume(inputs[1]) - volume(inputs[0]) and set the Array Association to Cell Data. Click Apply.

You can see the difference in the Information panel in the range of the “result” variable created by the Python Calculator.

To see all such differences for all cells, skip the Find Data and Extract Selection steps above, and add the Force Time filters directly to the data source.


@cory.quammen , thanks a lot for the detailed answer!

In addition to the answer, I post a screenshot from the Pipeline Browser. Since the example considers cell volumes, the filter “WarpByVector” is added after the filter “ForceTime” to update the volume at each time (i.e to scale the cells in accordance with the displacement vector with scale factor = 1)

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