Different number of cells showed in full and half-xyz models


I am using this Tomofast-x software that generates vtk models as outputs. I created a model 24x6x20 (xyz) there. When I visualize the half-x model it shows the correct number of cells. For example:

It shows 6 cells in the y-axis direction. The half-y and half-z models show the right number of cells. However, whenever I open a full model in Paraview it always missing a row and a column of cells. For example, in the same model you can see that there are only 23x5 cells (xy plane):

In the z-axis there is just 19 cells as well.
If I check the properties of the full model it says that it has 2880 points (24x6x20). I would like to know if there is a way to see all the cells in the full model in ParaView or is it a Tomofast-x thing?