Different two colormaps not overlapped.


I’m using ParaView 5.11 version in Windows 10, Ubuntu 16, and MacOS 10.15. And I met an error and a solution. I attached my data and shared how to reproduce.

  1. Load export01.pvd (wind data)
  2. Calculator : Define velocity = u * iHat + v * jHat + w * jKat
  3. Representation : velocity, Stream lines
  4. In Steam Lines panel : Vectors : velocity, Step Length : 5
  5. Open dem.pvd (terrain data)
  6. Representation : “Band1”, surface

Now we can find that the stream lines disappeared by terrain color.

But, I found a solution:
7. Delete Calculator1.
8. Repeat step 2-4.

From now on, the animated stream lines have been overlapped with terrain data.
This must be an error.

I hope my steps would be reproduced.
Thank you.

data.tar.gz (1.2 MB)