Difficulty with SPH database interpolation

I found the pressure values in the flow around a cylinder using Computational Fluid Dynamics (specifically OpenFoam). I am trying to extract the pressures on the cylinder surface for Finite Element Analysis.

Flow field pressure

cylinder surface (.vtk mesh)

cylinder overlaps with the edge of the flow field

I tried using SPH database interpolation to find the pressure values at the nodes of the cylinder surface mesh.

  1. Select the pressure field
  2. Add the SPH Dataset Interpolator
  3. In the dialog that pops up, leave the Input to the selected pressure field
  4. click on the Source bullet, and choose the .vtk mesh
  5. Click OK and apply

However, the interpolation only occurs at a few points:

Increasing the spatial step causes even those points to disappear. Decreasing the spatial step causes most of the points to disappear. I am not sure what else to try.

As a temporary workaround, I am using the Point Dataset Interpolator instead of the SPH Dataset interpolator. It gives a reasonable pressure field: