Disconnected elements with unique nodal numbers

I am trying to obtain a mesh as shown in the picture below, where the quad elements are not connected to each other and possess unique nodes.

Is it possible to generate these elements ? How to write it for VTK data ?
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Try to use the filter “Shrink” with a shrink factor of 1.
It should do what you are looking for.


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Shrink only made the conventional connected elements look separated.
But, I am writing the nodal data for these elements to move around freely.

For the given picture,
If I write number of points as 6 and elements as 4 with continuous connectivity (4 vertices quad (celltype - 9)); paraview reads it to create finite element mesh.

But I am writing 16 points to define the 4 elements which can move apart later (consider as in case of a crack). This fails to load in paraview and crashes without any error messages.

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Here’s an ascii VTK file four_quads.vtk (932 Bytes). The quad elements/points order is slightly different, but this should get you give you the idea on how such a dataset can be constructed.

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Thanks a lot, it helped me !
Its working for my dataset.