Discover the index of cell

Hi everybody , I have this problem :
Inside a cubic flow domain of 256x256x256 cell I have a polymer molecule represented by 5 points (representing the monomer) close to each other the distance is usually much more smaller than one cell. How can I know the index I,j,k of the cell ?? in order to create a subset of cell using the index around the macromolecule ?
Thanks in advance for your support

Probably the easiest way is to find the location through the Find Data dialog.

  1. Get the location of the polymer molecule using the Information tab.
  2. Once you know the X, Y, Z location in physical space, open the Find Data pqFindData32 dialog.
  3. In the first line of combo boxes in the Find Data dialog, set the first combo box (Find) to Cell(s) and the second combo box (from) to the cubic flow domain.
  4. In the second line, set the first combo box to Cell and the second combo box to contains. Set the remaining 3 edit boxes to the X, Y, and Z location you found in the first step.
  5. Click the Run Selection Query button.
  6. In the spreadsheet widget below the button you can get information about the cell that contains that location including the cell’s ID.

ok I found the cell ID but then I need to find the I,J,K index of such cell … in order to create a sub set around the polymer … how can I Do ?