Displacement Distribution of Particles

I need to ask one question regarding the capability of Paraview to visualize the displacement of each particle or sort of displacement distribution of particles in the simulation

(let’s say from initial configuration to final configuration).

Although for each frame, I have all the information of all the particles (coordinates and velocities of every particle, also the contact forces between the pair of particles )

I am sure something related to the above problem should have been implemented before.

Although I am a user of ParaView, but could not see such things in Paraview or maybe I don’t know how to do this in Paraview.

In nutshell, I am looking for the displacement and force distribution function for all the particles.

Can your comments/share your experience with the above-stated problem?

I am attaching two dump files (as an example)

Can you clarify what you are trying to do ?

(and also share the data you mention)

granular_pouring5000.ovito (197.9 KB) granular_pouring5000.vtk (212.0 KB) granular_pouring5000000.ovito (357.2 KB) granular_pouring5000000.vtk (371.3 KB) I am looking for Displacement and force distribution function of granular particles, I mean sort of histogram.
See the attached the dump file
The forces (14,15,16) and coordinates (6,7,8 column) for each particle, and the whole file represents one frame.
Likewise, I have 1000 of files to look upon.

Manually collecting data and plotting with python seems to be complicated, hence I am for any such facility is available in ParaView?

I am attaching two dump files (as an example)

It looks like you should be able to open it as a time series and then use TemporalParticlesToPathLines.

This way, you should be able to create line containing all the data for a single partile alongside time. Plotting them would then be trivial.