Displacement_X/ Displacement Y

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Where can i find the explations regarding what means the graphs of Displacement_X, Displacement Y ? I mean what represents each X-axis and Y-axis of each the graph


I suppose it should depend on how you create them. If you use strain (relative parameter, smth like 0.012, not meters, or mm, etc.), and then calculate displacement, you will see the values in units of your model, e.g. in meters, mm, etc. Or your question is not in that? Please clarify.

Edited: for the dataset which you shared previously, these two graphs are x-, y-component (in units of length of the model geometry, e.g. m, mm, cm, etc.) of displacement vector. By changing time, you could see how your model deforms.

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Regarding the VSG_Strain_YY or VSG_Strain_XX results is there any unity of measure? For exemple pixels, mm…

Strain cannot have specific unit of measurement. It’s a relative parameter. E.g. if you have a spring of initial length of 1 meter, and then stretch it to 1.1 meter:
the displacement of one end is 0 meter,
the displacement of the other end is 0.1 meter,
the strain at any point is (1.1m - 1.0m) / 1.0m = 0.1. It’s also equal to 10%. Anyway, it depends on the dataset which you try to visualize in PV, not from PV.

Edited: strain_xx and strain_yy plots look like they fit Hooke’s law, which is good.

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