Display artefact depending on fields in the file

I ran into a strange display artefact where some fields display incorrectly. I attach two files: bad.vtu (partly broken) and (412.6 KB) good.vtu (256.1 KB) which works as expected.

The difference between the files is that bad.vtu has an additional field u which is not in the good.vtu file. The existence of this field breaks visualization of some but not all other fields in the file, see screenshots.

good.vtu, second field (Visco-plastic strain 11 mode: 2)

bad.vtu, second field (Visco-plastic strain 11 mode: 2)
Note in particular that the first field still displays correctly (not included as a screenshot).

bad.vtu, second field (Visco-plastic strain 11 mode: 2) with field u deactivated
Note that the u field is deactivated, which “fixes” the display.

What could be the problem here? Is the file misformed? Bug in ParaView?
I thought it might be some scaling issue or similar, but there is only a factor of 100 between the fields, and it is strange it only happens with some fields.

This is in ParaView 5.9.0.

Definitely a bug. Could you open an issue ?


Forgot about this. Confirmed that it still happens with ParaView 5.10, and opened an issue: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues/21166