Display coordinates of a point


Is there a more convenient way to probe the coordinates of a point than the following (let’s say I want the x,y coordinates of a point in a 2D dataset):

  • use the Calculator to compute a variable X from coordX
  • use the Calculator to compute a variable Y from coordY
  • either use the spreadsheet view and restrict to the current selection or go to Selection Display Inspector and select variables X and Y for point labels

This is inconvenient to do everytime you want to just have an idea of the location of some point in a dataset.


if you just want to show point coordinate, use Hover Points on in the Frame Decoration Region

For more complicated operations:

  1. you can write a python script running your process
  2. Macro->add new macro… to add the script as a Macro
  3. then Tools->Customize Shortcuts bind a shortcut your like.

Next time after you select some point just press shortcut you defined.

Exactly what I aws looking for. Thanks!