Display wall data

Hello everyone, I am facing a problem in doing something that I thought would be really easy.

I have a field whose value is equal to 0 in all the points of the mesh except for the wall boundary. I need to write a pvpython code to take a screenshot of the wall without the internal mesh.
I’ve tried simply using Mesh Regions and selectring “walls” but I get the following error: “Could not determine array range”. The same happens if I try to use a SelectBlock filter or CellDataToPointData.
I am sure there are data stored at the cell centers of the wall boundary because I’ve written the function object for OpenFoam that generates the field so that there would be values at the “owner cells” of the wall cells faces.
As soon as I add “InternalMesh” to Mesh Regions, the error does not appear, but the screenshot of course is not as I need it to be.
I am using paraview version 5.11.1 and pvpython.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Please share your data, but Treshold should do the trick.

Hi Mathieu, thank you really much for your answer, it helped me a lot and actually the problem is now solved.
Another thing I wasn’t doing right I think, is the loading of the mesh parts and the fields.
I was using: NameOfTheFile.MeshRegions(…) and NameOfTheFile.CellArrays(…) to get the mesh parts and data, but I only got what I wanted using SetProperties.MeshParts(…) and SetProperties.Fields(…).