Displaying azimuthal information with a cyclic colormap


I am working with 3D vector data, and I want to show some stream plots with the color corresponding to the azimuth angle. I can use the calculator and atan2 to calculate the azimuth [-pi, pi], and with cyclic colormap this looks alright in most areas. The issue is that the stream plot interpolates between -pi and pi, the value is ~0, meaning the color is incorrect.

Is there a way to alter the stream plot interpolation parameters? Or effectively include periodic boundary conditions on the azimuth?



I’m having a similar problem except I’ve created a contour plot and I’ve colored the surface by a value which ranges from [-pi, pi]. I used the hsv colormap which is cyclic so the end points -pi and pi are the same color. However there are points where I have values of -pi and pi next to each other and paraview colors the surface between a color in the middle of the colormap not the color at the end points.

Does anyone have a solution for plotting with cyclic colormaps which avoids this issue?