Displaying "piercing points" of multiple 3D polylines onto a (corrugated) plane

Hi All,

I’m trying to perform a geophysical display of where sets of poly-lines (imported as VTK files generated from custom software) intersect the (local) plane defined by portion of a SEG-Y seismic section.

Some (perhaps) simplifying aspects of the relevant geometry: the polylines exist on horizontal depth “slices” so are perpendicular to the Z axis with arbitrary azimuths (structural geologists call that “trend” with zero “plunge”), and the seismic section is parallel to the Z axis, again with arbitrary – and locally varying – azimuth (structural geologists call that local “strike”, with vertical dip).

Is there any tool or combination of tools in PV (or VTK; preferably accessible with PyVTK) that can accomplish this task?

Many thanks for any help you can provide!!!