Displaying results - PVD Files from 2D FEA


I’m new in Paraview, and I’m having difficulties displaying exported results from a FEM analysis in 2D. At the moment, I have 2 files. One for nodal values and the other for stress points. When I display values from the nodal file, the color map for a certain property is displayed continuously. However, when I try to display a property from the cell or stress point field, the color map is only shown at the stress points and not continuously, as is the case with the nodal. Is there a way to change this?

Please share your data

Hi Mathieu,

Here are the files.
1_6_0_lp89_srtg [Phase_8]_nodal.pvd (421.5 KB)
1_6_0_lp89_srtg [Phase_8]_stress_points.pvd (108.4 KB)

Please share all the .vtu files as well.

Hi Mathieu,

I tried to compress the files so I could share them here. However, it hasn’t been possible.
Here is a link to download.

Link to download

I’m afraid the link above require a microsoft account, which I do not have.

The files are larger than 2GB. Let me see if I can reduce the size.


ParaView offers several filters to create quadrature points and to interpolate point data onto these quadrature points:

  • Generate Quadrature Points
  • Generate Quadrature Scheme Dictionary
  • Interpolate to Quadrature Points

Conversely, there is an absence of a filter capable of extrapolating or interpolating values from quadrature points to the point data in the mesh, which is your requirement. To achieve this, it is advisable to verify whether your FEM solver provides such an output option or consider developing a new program to facilitate this functionality.