Displaying vectors on xyz coordinates

G’Day, new to this.
I have CSV data containing xyz coordinate (geometry data) and numerous velocity data (direction, magnitude, absolute velocity etc)
I can display my geometry xyz data using Table to Points filter, and can colour code points according to individual velocity values.
I can create vector data using the calculator (ihatvelocity)+(jhatmagnitude)+(khat*direction).
Is there a way to plot this vector data on the corresponding xyz coordinates?


There are two main ways:

  • Use the “3D Glyphs” representation to draw an arrow or other glyph at each point

  • Use the “Glyph” filter to generate arrow or other glyph geometry at each point and visualize that

The first one is typically faster because it doesn’t require generating one copy of each glyph for each point that is glyphed, so you may want to try that one first.

Thanks Cory, that just about got me there.
However, my arrows aren’t pointing accurately, they generally seem to trend from the same direction.
My direction data is in degrees, is this a problem?
If not, what would be the correct calculator steps?
Using Paraview 5.6.0 on MacOS Mojave.

Do you have a one-component array that specifies some number of degrees about an axis? Or a three-component array specifying Euler angles about the X, Y, and Z axes?