docs+tutorials of Paraview cinema and Paraview web?

I am beginner with paraview.

I am working on a 3D point cloud and I would like to try paraview cinema (screenshots of point cloud) and later paraview web on it (I have found a video about paraview cinema which is very impressive ParaView Cinema on Vimeo)

Question: Where do I find more docs and tutorials about paraview cinema and paraview web?

Welcome to the community!

For Cinema the official entry point is here:
But you can also find some old tools that were made at the time (2014) which still works but are not really maintained along with its associated example scripts.

For ParaViewWeb, we have several demonstration applications as ParaViewWeb is more a framework than anything else. We’ve been using for years to build custom and dedicated UI for various customers on the web while leveraging the capabilities of ParaView.



Thanks so much!

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