Documentation integrating paraview into application

Hello all, I am developing a simulation tool and I am looking at integrating paraview directly into my application. I am thinking of doing a stripped down version of paraview in order to simplify the interface and to only include the features that I need. I would like the options because I plan on expanding at a later time.

I won’t be needing all of the filters because I am only loading 1 data set/source at a time. I am only concerned with 2d visualization for the static case (these are static simulations). I also won’t be needing the cluster support.

So I am looking for any resources where others have done something similar. Anything would be of great help. Is there anything out there in terms of documentation where other people have integrated paraview directly into their application?

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You want to create a ParaView based application or ParaView branded application.

And in the source of ParaView, you will find Example/CustomApplications which contains very simple examples of ParaView based applications, they can be built directly. Stripping down ParaView is actually very simple.

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Great! Thank you for your reply.

Another question. I would like to make my application as portable as possible. Is it best if I compiler paraview as a library or should I include the source code if paraview into my application? What is the recommended workflow on this?

The recommended Workflow for this his either,

  • To distribute only the source code and let people build all the dependencies themselves. (easy, but not a lot of user)
  • To build your paraview based application using the superbuild. (hard but reliable, this is how we do it)
  • Distribute binary package targeted to specific OS / set of libraries (in between, possible if you target only a specific OS.)
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I see, the application is not for a specific OS. I would like it to be cross platform. So it looks like I should include a copy of the source in my source code.

And then, I can utilize the precompiled libraries if I want to distribute to a specific os