Documentation should have link for reporting issues

I found an error in the documentation 5. Programmable Filter — ParaView Documentation 5.10.0 documentation
and it is not clear where I should report the issue.

(Helix script will not work in ParaView versions that use Python 3+ because of the use of xrange)

Hi, thanks for the report. I have a fix here:

Could you please comment on whether you agree with the change there or in this post if you don’t want to get a GitLab account?


Looks good. I missed that second one. Also found another:

git clone
cd paraview-docs
find . -name "*.rst" | xargs grep "range"

./source/UsersGuide/displayingData.rst: for i in xrange(view.GetNumberOfVisibleDataObjects()):

Thanks, I changed that one, too: