Does anyone look at the frustum resulting from Select Cells Through/Select Points Through?

In the Find Data dialog, there is an option to show the frustum defined by a Select Cells Through or Select Points Through operation. A checkable button controls the visibility of the frustum, and is highlighted blue in the screenshot below.

Is anyone using that feature? Would you miss it if it were gone?

  • Please keep the Show Frustum option
  • I wouldn’t miss it if it were removed

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Cory, no feedback from my users. I’m OK getting rid of it.

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That was useful way way way back during development of the feature, and a good way to make illustrations for the books and such. I can’t really think of a practical use for it today though.

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What is the rationale for removing it ? Fine for removal imo but unless there is a reason to, I do not see why it should be.

It is somewhat usefull during ParaView course to explain the concept of frustrum to beginners.

I completely agree with Mathieu with regards to classes.

The one reason I can think of for removing the frustrum code is that ParaView is already a hugely complex program. Removing unneeded algorithms and code simplifies said code.

We are adding multi-selection capabilities to ParaView. It simplifies things if we don’t need to draw the frustum.

Makes sense in this context, thanks.