Does Glyph filter works with fixed number of points ?

I am trying to use glyph to display normals for points.
But the number of points changes along time.
i.e., At step 0, there is no points; at step 1, there maybe 3 points ; then at step 2, there are 4 points.

I organize time series data by .pvd file.

when I open .pvd file with paraview, and start time step animation, the problem comes.
The glyph output were reset, and all arrow point with orientation (1,0,0)
And If I set Glyph at step 1 which has 4 points. And increase time step by 1, but step 2 has only 3 points. The Glyph just disappeared.

So. Does Glyph assumes fixed number of points ? (5.8 KB)

I aslo saw that there are “3D glyphs” choice in “Representation” of property widget. But its arrows always orients (1,0,0). How to use it correctly?

I found the solution.

It works with 3D Glyphs in “Representations” if I set a default point at step 0 .
The Vector could be set in advanced properties.

But how to set size of arrows of Glyph? Currently the arrows of Glyph are really big.

I find it, in advanced options, there are “Scale Factor”, set it be inputting value gives me what I want.