Does Nvidia IndeX plugin support vdb files?

Hi, I am new to ParaView and try to use ParaView 5.11.1 for volume rendering.
I take the testcases from openvdb official website.
I can render the testcase (e.g. bunny_cloud) successfully with volume representation and I can load IndeX plugin successfully (test with a .vtu file).
However, I cannot render any .vdb files with IndeX option.
Here’s the warning message I got when I try to switch the representation option to NVIDIA IndeX.

[paraview] vtkDataObject.cxx:499 WARN| vtkImageData (0x24a21250): Attempted to ShallowCopy from null.

I thought IndeX plugin is used to support volume rendering, is there anything I miss?

BTW, while launching the paraview web, how can I load multiple plugins?
The document says “–plugins [List of plugins]”, but it seems it only took the first argument after the flag.

Thank you for your time!

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For the IndeX problem itself: @cory.quammen @Sankhesh_Jhaveri

For the pvweb bit, @jourdain

Hi @cory.quammen, @Sankhesh_Jhaveri, @jourdain,
Do you have any idea about my post?
Thank you!

@fashing Do other image data work for you? Try creating a wavelet and render it using the IndeX plugin.
If that works for you, there might be a bug with the OpenVDB reader integration in ParaView.

Yes, like I mentioned, a .vtu file can be rendered by the IndeX plugin on my side.

a .vdb produce a partitioned dataset, this may be the cause of the problem.

Well, that will do it. So the plugin has to handle casting the partition datasets to image data.