Does Nvidia IndeX plugin support vdb files?

Hi, I am new to ParaView and try to use ParaView 5.11.1 for volume rendering.
I take the testcases from openvdb official website.
I can render the testcase (e.g. bunny_cloud) successfully with volume representation and I can load IndeX plugin successfully (test with a .vtu file).
However, I cannot render any .vdb files with IndeX option.
Here’s the warning message I got when I try to switch the representation option to NVIDIA IndeX.

[paraview] vtkDataObject.cxx:499 WARN| vtkImageData (0x24a21250): Attempted to ShallowCopy from null.

I thought IndeX plugin is used to support volume rendering, is there anything I miss?

BTW, while launching the paraview web, how can I load multiple plugins?
The document says “–plugins [List of plugins]”, but it seems it only took the first argument after the flag.

Thank you for your time!

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For the IndeX problem itself: @cory.quammen @Sankhesh_Jhaveri

For the pvweb bit, @jourdain

Hi @cory.quammen, @Sankhesh_Jhaveri, @jourdain,
Do you have any idea about my post?
Thank you!

@fashing Do other image data work for you? Try creating a wavelet and render it using the IndeX plugin.
If that works for you, there might be a bug with the OpenVDB reader integration in ParaView.

Yes, like I mentioned, a .vtu file can be rendered by the IndeX plugin on my side.

a .vdb produce a partitioned dataset, this may be the cause of the problem.

Well, that will do it. So the plugin has to handle casting the partition datasets to image data.


Would be great if there was a way to extract the image data from the partition dataset inside ParaView, so not every plugin has to do that operation on its own.