does paraview 5.6.0 support gmsh 4?

I’ve noticed that paraview may be compiled with gmsh support.
It starts from gmsh 3.0.7 as far as I’ve understood
The point is there is no 3.0.7 gmsh version.
The only available version greater than 3.0.6 available are 4.xx now.

So I would like to know if gmsh 4 is supported.

Indeed it does, the versions mixup has been fixed in master already. Be sure to use the last ParaView master.

Fixed here :

Note that a few additional improvements will be brought shortly to the GmshReader plugin. These improvements are important in particular if your solution files under the msh format include multiple views of the same field with variable order.
In any case, once these changes are committed to gitlab, the version of gmsh officially supported will be >=4.0.7 so this is probably a good idea to already start using gmsh 4.0.7 with the plugin.