Does Paraview know chemistry?

Hi, I tried to upload a .cml file of a molecule in Paraview to find out if it communicated with Avogadro and in fact, to my great surprise, I found my molecule in the Paraview render view.

So I wonder: is it possible to create a molecule directly in Paraview rather than creating it in Avogadro and then opening it in Paraview?
I do not find any information on the guide about the topic

ParaView is intended for display and analysis. Creating data is not what it is designed for.

That said, you can programatically create a molecule inside ParaView using Programmable Source, output set to vtkMolecule, and then write the appropriate vtk python code (mostly use AppendAtom(atomicNumber, x, y ,z) method, and optionnally set AtomData or BondData)

I found an external software that creates the molecule, and calculates the electron density, orbitals, etc …
This software creates a file in cube format. When I open the file with paraview, I can get the result with the gaussian cube reader but I can visualize the molecule but not the densities. Is there any filter that I may not know that allows me to achieve this?