Does paraview still work with CGNS files?

Hi all, I am a student working on computational fluid dynamics, and I do simulations which generates cgns files. I used to use paraview 4.2 to process the data and generate figures/videos, recently we updated our CGNS and HDF5 to a newer version, and paraview 4.2 stopped working with my input. And I found that newer versions of paraview doesn’t naturally support CGNS/HDF5 files.

Is there any sort of plugins which I can install in order to be able to process CGNS files with paraview?

Many Thanks!

Have you tried ParaView 5.5.2? Also, try a nightly build? There has been a lot of work in ParaView with CGNS over the last year or so.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, mind posting a dataset, and directions how to replicate the issue?


Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I tried using 5.5.2(I downloaded the binary, didn’t build from source code), the problem is like before, Paraview will give me a message saying that a reader for my file can’t be found and ask me to manually select a reader from a provided list where there is no CGNS reader.

My cgns files are built with parallel cgns version 3.3.1 and parallel hdf5 1.10.1, I can read and process them with python h5py module after it’s properly built from my local hdf5 library. Do I have to build paraview from source as well?


Could you post a file that shows this issue?



I shared some of those files on google drive:


Current ParaView (5.5.2) does not recognize these files. Please download ParaView 5.6.0-rc2, from the ParaView website. This works correctly.

You gave me three files. Files flow-10.00.cgns opens correctly. grid.cgns opens correctly. part-10.00.cgns crashes. Could you try opening this dataset with cgnsview, and make sure your dataset isn’t bad?

Hi all,

I am experiencing a very similar issue using ParaView 5.8.0 on Windows. Everything works fine when reading small/medium size grids, but when I try to visualize large CGNS meshes (50M to 150M elements), ParaView can’t find an appropriate reader.

The official cgns checker passes, and I can visualize my grid using cgns view/plot.

Another interesting thing I noticed: On my Linux laptop (using ParaView 5.8.0), ParaView actually recognizes the CGNS format, but crashes later on because I don’t have enough RAM. However, a colleague tried to open a similar grid on Linux using ParaView 5.2 and faced the unrecognized reader issue. I will try installing a more recent version of ParaView on a Linux workstation to see if the issue was fixed in Linux between 5.2 and 5.8.

Is there something I am missing? What could I do to visualize my CGNS mesh in ParaView?