Does Paraview support custom shaders?

Or are there other shaders available?The figure below means that there is such an interface:
Thanks in advance for your answers.

I don’t think there are prepackaged ones, but this does allow one to replace (parts of) the shaders that VTK uses internally.

You can write your own and store them using this interface.

Some examples here:

This interface allows to specify a set of shader replacement strings (and NOT the full shader code) which are a low level mechanism in how VTK manages the shader construction depending on the data type and involved mappers. The related properties editor frame help of ParaView shows a short documentation about what is expected. Basically it’s a JSON list that describes, for each replacement: the type of shader, the shader string to search, the replacement string. Clearly, it is a very advanced feature as you must know/guess the shader code.

Hope this helps.

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