Doubt about Integrate Variables filter


I’ve been trying to analyze results in Paraview from a simulation of what I did in Elmer of a 3D reactor. My ultimate goal is to compare the results between this 3D reactor simulated in Elmer and a 2D reactor simulated using FEMM.

On the Elmer, I applied a current of 30,000A to the coil and checked through ElmerVTK that this current seemed ok. However, on Paraview the result was different. In Paraview, I used Slice to then integrate the coil surface through the Integrate Variables filter. Note that the coilcurrent values in the X Y Z axes obtained with this filter are different from those observed in the other column and are also not in accordance with the expected results.
I am sending the pictures , .vtu and .fem files below. (1.4 MB)

Could you help me understand where I might be going wrong?
I’m new to these simulations and I’m still learning. Thank you for the help!

Or is there any other suggestion how to check if my results from 3D reactor simulated in Elmer are similar (or not) to the 2D reactor simulated using FEMM?