DSP plugin - Paraview crashes when using Temporal multiplexing on Windows 10

Paraview crashes when using the Temporal multiplexing filter on Windows 10 but works just fine with the same dataset on MacOS 12.7.3.

Has anybody encountered the same issue?

Hi @Olafur_Marteinsson

Could you share that data ?


Thank you for the reply @mwestphal
I apply the Temporal multiplex filter to the programmable filter.
statefile_with_programmable_filter.pvsm (490.9 KB)
2D_long_2000_with_porous.xdmf (1.3 KB)
2D_long_2000_with_porous.h5 (612.2 KB)

It seems to work on Linux, I’ll need to try on Windows.

I got it to work on my windows 10 machine by reducing the time steps from 1000 to 900.
Which I find rather odd since I thought the hardware was reasonable compared to the 2016 Macbook Pro.