Dynamically set min and max for slider bar in ParaView filter

I would like to set the minimum and maximum slider bar limits dynamically using C++ inside ParaView’s filter GUI. I have a ParaView build of 5.10.0 on Windows. The limits are read in from a file, so I don’t have something like a scalar data array in general.

I have tried many things and have searched, but I am still stuck. Below is a small XML sample. How can I set the min and max range to be different than 1 and 11 from inside C++?

<IntVectorProperty name="RangeMaxInfo"  information_only="1">
          <ArraySelectionInformationHelper attribute_name="RangeMax"/> 

<IntVectorProperty command="SetLastFrameNum"
        <IntRangeDomain name="range"  min="1" max="11" >
            <Property name="RangeMaxInfo" function="RangeMax" />
           Set LastFrameNum.

Thank you.

  • Rob