Edit colour map button not working

Hi all, I am having trouble with the edit colour map button. I am trying to change the colour of one of my contour/iso lines (sea level) to black as it is currently bright green. However when I click on this button nothing happens, it wont open any options for me and is stuck bright green. I have tried uninstalling paraview and reinstalling it and I have the same problem. Is anyone able to help me understand why this is occuring?

I don’t know for sure, but it could be that the color map editor box is opening offscreen. In the latest ParaView, the color map editor box is a dockable window that can be separated from the GUI and moved somewhere on the desktop. Maybe somehow it got moved offscreen and cannot be found. (Could happen on a laptop that sometimes gets connected to monitors or projectors.)

Try resetting ParaView to its default settings: EditReset to Default Settings. That will reset the ParaView GUI to its default state, which should dock the color map editor back to the right side of the GUI. (Unfortunately, this will also reset all the other ParaView settings. Currently there is no other way around that. But since you’ve already reinstalled ParaView, I doubt this will be a concern for you.)

Thanks for the reply Kenneth. I just tried this solution and unfortunately I still have the same issue. Is there anything else I can try?

I’ve never heard of that happening before. Maybe someone else can point out a solution.

One related problem I’ve heard is that when you click the Edit Color Map image button when the color map is already up, nothing will happen. That is because the color map is already visible (and you ahve to interact with that. If you provide a screenshot (or a video of you clicking the Edit Color Map button) we can rule that out.

Hi Mckenzie,
Additionally, what version of ParaView are you running? I assume it is 5.10.*. Second question, what variable are you painting by? I assume you are not on “Solid Color”?