Electric Current Flux Through Surface

I have obtained the electric current density (flux density) from an Elmer 3D finite-element model. My objective is to calculate the current through a plane defined in the model. Here is what I tried:

  1. In Paraview, I opened the vtu results file from the 3D solution.
  2. Selected the current density data variable of interest from the vtu file.
  3. Defined a plane in the 3D model by applying the slice filter to (2).
  4. Applied the surface flow filter to (3).

The problem is that the bounds for the surface integration, as shown in the surface flow output, on the defined plane has zero range. Explicitly selecting cells in the plane produced the same zero range.

Any help/suggestions/comments regarding calculation of flux through a surface would be greatly appreciated.

I realized what I had to do:

vtu data --> slice --> cellsize

All cells are now listed in the spreadsheet, and the data can easily be used to calculate the total current through the slice.