Electric field lines

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I would like to visualize the stream lines of my Electric Field.
I’m using a code that gives me the electric field components as output (2D --> Ex,Ey).
It’s varying over the time because I’m using different files for animation.
Is there a way to do that?

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I would say yes, but you will have to be more specific if you need help.

Ok, thanks.
Here for example there are 4 files.
field.pvd contains the electric field at a certain point with the two components.
field_ani_anim.pvd “calls” all the other files “field_ani_mesh_xxx” (I just posted here two examples) to have the animation over time of the variables.
By now I can visualize the total magnitude and the two components of the electric field, but I would need to visualize also the lines considering it as a vector.

field.pvd (167 Bytes) field_ani_anim.pvd (178 Bytes) field_ani_mesh_000001.vts (1.8 MB) field_ani_mesh_000201.vts (1.8 MB)

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Which lines are you talking about ?

The vector. With the x component and y component it should be possible to have the direction of the field.

Do you want to show glyphs ?

Yes exactly, in 2D.

So, add a Glyph filter.

Yes I tried to do that. But this is what I got. I don’t know if the problem is in the properties of the filter I’m using or if I have to manipulate the files before.

boundaries.vtp (4.7 KB) field.pvd (167 Bytes)

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Take a look into the properties of the filter. Play with the scaling until you find what you are looking for.

Yes I’m trying to do that but the problem is as soon as I apply the filter my domain and my geometry disappears. Anyway I will work on it again and I’ll let you know if have more specific questions.
Thank you!