Embedded Documentation build fail

I am building the master and have just begun to get the above message.

The failure is this:

FAILED: Clients/ParaView/Documentation/paraview_doc.xslt /home/amaclean/Development/Kitware/build/paraview/Clients/ParaView/Documentation/paraview_doc.xslt
CMake Error at /home/amaclean/Development/Kitware/src/paraview/CMake/ParaViewClient.cmake:592 (message):
  Failed to convert servermanager XML:

I can turn off: PARAVIEW_ENABLE_EMBEDDED_DOCUMENATION and get a successful build.

I think it has only happened in the last week or so. I am not seeing any build errors on CDash.

Is this yours @timothee.chabat ?

It shoudln’t be, I’ll try to reproduce

There should be more output as to why conversion failed after that :.

@ben.boeckel there was nothing after the :

I started to check the values of the variables around line 590 of ParaViewClient.cmake. I found that _paraview_gpd_result had a value of " " (this meant the if statement executed) and _paraview_gpd_error was empty, hence no message after :.

You get a series of messages something like this:

_paraview_gpd_xml: /home/amaclean/Development/Kitware/src/paraview/Plugins/ArrowGlyph/Filter/vtkArrowGlyphFilter.xml
_paraview_gpd_error : 
CMake Error at /..../Kitware/src/paraview/CMake/ParaViewClient.cmake:598 (message):
  Failed to convert servermanager XML:

I fixed it by downloading the latest master and deleting the whole build folder and rebuilding.

That is…very odd, but if master works, that’s fine by me. Please keep an eye out for it happening again. My gut is saying that dependencies aren’t quite set up right, but without knowing how to reproduce it, it’s hard to do much more right now.

Will do.