Enable 3D Visualization versus Coloring only

Newbie question…

I’m following an OpenEMS tutorial which includes visualization of simulation results using ParaView. The tutorial example uses


Things have changed a bit, but I can get a 2D image with E-field coloring:

I’ve tried reading the online manual and skimming the FAQs, but I can’t figure out how to get the 3D visualization (2D/3D button does not do it).

Can someone tell me how to get a visualization like shown in the openEMS tutorial?


Found a post where “warp by scalar” was suggested.

Couldn’t find that filter, but “Warp by Vector” seemed to work.

The easiest way to find a filter by name in ParaView is to use the filter search dialog. You can quickly get the dialog by hitting ctrl-space (or option-space on mac). You can also get to it from the Filters menu. Then just type part of the filter name.

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 6.25.09 AM

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 6.25.28 AM

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