Enable all cell/point arrays in Catalyst V2 script

Suppose I have a data structure with some cell arrays (the same question could be applied to point arrays), A, B and C. I load this into ParaView, selecting all of these cell arrays and create some kind of pipeline with extractor that doesn’t depend on the specific fields (e.g. I might just save the data structure to some kind of VTK XML data format). When I export a Catalyst script, it will contain something like the line (my source is called input)

input.CellArrayStatus = ['A', 'B', 'C']

Say I want to use this script (either directly in ParaView or using Catalyst in-situ) for a similar data structure with cell arrays D, E and F. I could modify the line above to

input.CellArrayStatus = ['D', 'E', 'F']

but I would prefer not to need to check first what cell arrays are present in the second data structure.

Is it possible to modify the Catalyst script such that all Cell Arrays are automatically read into the pipeline? Perhaps there is a method to query what Cell Arrays are present in a particular source first?

Please forgive my ignorance if this is a stupid question. I’m not all that familiar with ParaView Python.