enabling Gmsh plugin in PV 5.6-RC1

I am trying to enable the Gmsh reader plugin. Using the latest 4.0.1 compiled from source, ParaView complains

Could NOT find Gmsh: Found unsuitable version “”, but required is at least
“3.0.7” (found /mnt/hdd/apps/gmsh-4.0.1/lib/libgmsh.so)

I thought 4.0.1 was at least greater than 3.0.7 but that does not work. First, it is telling

Could not find GmshVersion.h in /mnt/hdd/apps/gmsh-4.0.1/include. Check
path or reconfigure Gmsh with -DENABLE_INTERNAL_DEVELOPER_API=ON

that ENABLE_INTERNAL_DEVELOPER_API does not seem to exist in 4.0.1

However, going back to http://gmsh.info/src/, I only find the following files: gmsh-3.0.[0123456]-source.tgz but no 3.0.7 version.

Can someone share tips about enabling the reader plugin? I am under Ubuntu 18.04.1 and the latest available as a package is 3.0.6 and ParaView does not like it either since 3.0.7 > 3.0.6

TIA for any tip

Hi Jean,

A 3.0.7 version was suposed to come out and we were targetting it, sadly it was scrapped and version 4 came out, breaking retro compatibility.

In order to be able current paraview master to build with any gmsh version >= 4.0.0 you need to do the following.

  • Download gmsh 4.0.1 sources
  • build and install gmsh
  • Apply this 0001-Fix-GmshPlugin-for-Gmsh-4.patch (1.8 KB)
    to your paraview source
  • Configure paraview with gmsh -DGmsh_INCLUDE_DIR=path/to/gmsh/install/include/gmsh -DGmsh_LIBRARY=path/to/gmsh/install/lib64/libgmsh.so
  • And compile paraview

The patch will be merged into paraview soon.

@jfavre : the last paraview master and it’s gmsh plugin now support Gmsh 4.0 correctly.
It does not support Gmsh 3.X