Enabling OptiX

Dear community,

I built Paraview with Module_vtkRenderingOptiX Enabled. Everything seems to have compiled properly. However I don’t have the “Enable OPTIX” option in the View section.

According to the NVIDIA documentation, it should be there:


The required ParaView level changes are not in master. A branch that exposes it is here: https://gitlab.kitware.com/demarle/paraview/tree/WIP-expose-OptiX. I don’t know where the NVIDIA guys keep their development branch.

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Dear Johnathan,

NVIDIA is currently working with Kitware towards an official release of the OptiX backend as part of ParaView. Please stay tuned for more information and thank you very much for your patience.

In the meantime, you may be able to use prerelease snapshots of our demo builds by running nvdocker containers hosted on NVIDIA GPU Cloud:


Aaron Knoll

do we have a release date for optix?

We are working on it now. It should appear in master in a few days and then in ParaView 5.7. The user facing interface will be the same as OSPRay.

Great! Looking forward try it.

Hey guys!

Is there a way to export a screenshot without the noise to increase again? I have tried some workarounds which did not work (animation export without any movement etc.) - maybe I am missing something here? Streaming is enabled btw.



As you’ve encountered screen shots do not play well with streaming.

To fix it we might just use the approach of setting samples per pixel to the number of streaming passes and turning off streaming for the screenshot render. Another workaround is to use your platform’s screen capture utilities since that bypasses the problem.

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That’s what I did at the end :slight_smile: Thanks Dave! One additional question I have then. How would you use OptiX to render a movie in an animation? Would that automatically render each image per frame? Did not try it so far and the question just came into my head so I thought I would just ask, maybe you have a good tip here.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!


Yes saving animations should not require any additional effort with OptiX/OSPRay turned on.

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