End of Life / End of Support - Version specific for Paraview


First, let me state I am a new user and this is my first post. I apologize in advance if I haven’t posted this in the right forum or if my question has already been answered in a previous post. I have searched the forum and have not had success with this question.

I am look for version specific End of Life (EOL) / End of Support (EOS) information for Paraview, and would also like to know where this info can be found on the web. Specifically, when does Kitware stop supporting Paraview 5.9, and is there a URL that provides this information, along with EOL info for other versions?

I appreciate any feedback very much. Thanks for your time.

Hi @ivanarnold ,

There is not concept of EOL or EOS in ParaView world as only one minor version is supported at one time. For example, 5.11.0 we recently released and is the last release. A 5.11.1 will be released in a few weeks as some critical issues have been found in 5.11.0. A 5.11.2 may come out if needed but maybe not. Then ParaView 5.12.0 is planned for next spring. When 5.12.0 is out, there will not be another 5.11 release.

I hope this clarifies it.