EnSight Binary vs ASCII Format Erroneous Negative Values

I have come across an issue where Fluent data exported in binary Ensight format can produce negative values for an all positive variable. However, the data gives appropriate values when exported in ASCII format from Fluent. At the moment, I am unsure which program is causing the error. This error does not change when exporting node versus cell-centered values. The results when importing a binary file are:

while the results for an ASCII file are . The missing regions in the binary results are due to thresholding the results at 0 to clearly show where problem areas lie. This is not an issue with the slicing function, as the issue exists in the full three dimensional data as well.

I also asked this question on the CFD-online forum here: https://www.cfd-online.com/Forums/paraview/218580-ensight-binary-vs-ascii-format-erroneous-negative-values.html#post737237