EnSight Reader Missing?

When I attempt to load an EnSight case file I get the window asking me which reader I want to use and EnSight Master Server Reader is there but EnSight Reader isn’t. I checked the available plugins but didn’t see anything there. What am I missing?

I have the same issue in 5.7 and 5.6, both on Windows and Linux which makes me think I definitely missed an option somewhere.

You case file is probably considered invalid. Can you share it ?

Sure, here’s the contents of that file:

type: ensight gold
model: 1 D:\Temp\SmokeStack\SMOKESTACKDEMO_geo_*_ensight.data
vector per node: 1 flow_velocity D:\Temp\SmokeStack\SMOKESTACKDEMO_vec_1_*_ensight.data
scalar per node: 1 flow_pressure D:\Temp\SmokeStack\SMOKESTACKDEMO_sca_1_*_ensight.data
scalar per node: 1 phasecomp_air_volume_fraction D:\Temp\SmokeStack\SMOKESTACKDEMO_sca_2_*_ensight.data
scalar per node: 1 phasecomp_co2_volume_fraction D:\Temp\SmokeStack\SMOKESTACKDEMO_sca_3_*_ensight.data
time set: 1
number of steps: 1
filename numbers file: D:\Temp\SmokeStack\SMOKESTACKDEMO_fn_ensight.data
time values file: D:\Temp\SmokeStack\SMOKESTACKDEMO_tv_ensight.data

You will have to share the whole case for us to be able to test.