Enumerate not working on Windows client

I’ve been back and forth over this for an embarrasing amount of time, but I just can’t find what I’m doing wrong. I’m writing a configuration file for our HPC systems, and I’m unable to get it to work when trying to Enumerate the list of servers. It works correctly when I use a String, but when I try to use an Enumeration, the variable is never set. Am I missing something simple?

This works:

 11         <Option name="PV_MACHINE_NAME" label="Machine" save="true">
 12           <String default="lemhi1" />
 13         </Option>

This fails:

 11         <Option name="PV_MACHINE_NAME" label="Machine" save="true">
 12           <Enumeration>
 13             <Entry name="lemhi1" label="Lemhi" />
 14             <Entry name="sawtooth1" label="Sawtooth" />
 15           </Enumeration>
 16         </Option>

I’m following the instructions here: 7. Remote and parallel visualization — ParaView Documentation 5.11.0 documentation

I am not sure what exactly does not work in your example, but the usage of Option with Enumeration seems correct. I’ll need the whole XML file to be able to debug it. We do use Option with Enumeration, for instance in Connect / Fetch Servers ORNL summit. In that configuration you can choose for the ‘Server headless API’ between EGL and OSMesa.
Does that example work for you?

As an added piece of information, the Command being called in this example is a powershell line to access the built-in ssh client.