Error: Capabilities Check via proxy texture 3D allocation failed

I’ve used VICTRE phantom to create a vti file. When I try to represent Volume data it showed the error “Capabilities Check via proxy texture 3D allocation failed”. Could any one help me with this.
I have a Dell Precision M4800 and running Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS.
I’ve tried on my windows laptop and it worked fine.

Thank you

Which GPU and driver are you using ?

I have NVIDIA GK107GM [Quadro K1100M] and the driver I think is the nvidia-driver-390.

Thank you

GK107, GM107 and K1100M are three different GPUs.

Which is it ?

In any case, 390 is an outdated driver, please update.

it is K1100M, I tried to update the driver with sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall command. it was not working.
Do you know which driver I should install from Nvidia. I can’t find it from the website.

According to this:

it should be this:

Thank you. I will try to install it and see if it will solve the problem.

fixed issue. thank you!