error for vtk file created by freefem++

Hi, I used freefem++ to create some .vtk files and try to run it in paraview. But once I hit apply, I got the error message as follows:

Generic Warning: In /Users/kitware/buildbot-slave/8275bd07/source-paraview/VTK/IO/Legacy/vtkDataReader.cxx, line 1436
Error reading ascii data. Possible mismatch of datasize with declaration.
ERROR: In /Users/kitware/buildbot-slave/8275bd07/source-paraview/VTK/IO/Legacy/vtkUnstructuredGridReader.cxx, line 348
vtkUnstructuredGridReader (0x7fdc8853d120): Unrecognized keyword: -0.1

I know my .vtk files are good because somebody else successfully ran it on his laptop. I think I figured out the reason for the error. I think the error is because of the data type. Some data in the vtk file is quite close to 0, so we must use double precision instead of float precision. The vtk files are automatically created by Freefem++, and the data type is decided through automatic checking computer system by Freefem++. There might be something wrong about the checking procedure by Freefem++. Although our computer is in double precision, the vtk file generated is in float precision. But I could not fix this issue because I couldn’t find out where the cpp file for savevtk function is.
Could anyone please tell me if my thought is correct and give me some suggestions on this?