Error importing surface data with CGNS format

I am getting an error during the import of surface data by means of CGNS file. I am working with Paraview 5.10.
In particular, during the import of the CGNS file I am not able to select and then to visualize cell data which are stored only on certain boundaries of a multiblock-datasets which I think they are referred as “partial array”. This error does not occur when I only include boundaries on which these data are present. Is there a way to solve this problem or I have to import two different CGNS surface files the two different types of boundaries?
Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi @Simone,

Could you share your dataset (if possible) so we can try to see what’s wrong?

Hi Tiffany,
first of all, thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, I cannot share the dataset. However, it seems that the problem occurs when periodic boundaries are present in the domain from which I have exported the CGNS file. In fact, the issue does not occur when no periodics are present.

Unfortunately, I cannot share the dataset.

If you have the possibility to generate a simpler, shareable dataset to reproduce this issue, that would be great! I unfortunately don’t seem to have a similar dataset (multiblock) that produces the partial array problem.

Hi Tiffany,
sorry for my late reply.
I have created a simplified numerical domain in order to share it.
In the attachment, you can find two set of CGNS files generated from the same CFD solution. The “onlyWalls” files include only the boundaries on which the cell data are present whereas the other ones include all the boundaries of the numerical domain. The “mesh” files contain mesh information.
Only using the first one (cube4Export_caseWall_linkExport_onlyWalls_shutdown.cgns), I am able to correctly visualize the cell data.

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cube4Export_caseWall_linkExport_onlyWalls_shutdown.cgns (61.6 KB)
cube4Export_caseWall_linkExport_onlyWalls_shutdown@mesh1.cgns (125.1 KB)
cube4Export_caseWall_linkExport_shutdown.cgns (85.1 KB)
cube4Export_caseWall_linkExport_shutdown@mesh1.cgns (190.3 KB)

Sorry for the late reply. Would it be possible for you to use ParaView 5.11.0 instead?
It seems to work fine with that version:

Hi Tiffany,
Thank you for your suggestion.
Currently, I am quite busy but I will try with the new version as soon as possible and I will let you know.

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