Error in CGNSWriter


I have a not so large EnSight Gold multiblock file (~9M cells). I have been trying to read it, perform some simple computations and then resave the data in CGNS. Whether I use (multiple instances of) a pvserver or a standalone Paraview client, upon saving I get the following errors:

 [paraview        ] vtkMPICommunicator.cxx:205   WARN| This operation not yet supported for more than 2147483647 objects
( 481.378s) [paraview        ]       vtkExecutive.cxx:741    ERR| vtkPVCompositeDataPipeline (0x73e7b920): Algorithm vtkPCGNSWriter (0x3901b5e0) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (0x73e7bff0)
  Debug: Off
  Modified Time: 432928170
  Reference Count: 1
  Registered Events: (none)

The error seems similar to this MPI Integer Limit Error, even though I don’t see why it should invoke a MPICommunicator in a standalone Paraview client (the writer seems also to be vtkPCGNSWriter, not sure why the parallel one is invoked). Any ideas?

I believe that VTK was recently updated to support the larger ID space at least when the MPI implementation supports it (MPICH 4.1+).

Cc: @aron.helser @MicK7

Why would a standalone Paraview client be bothered with MPI anyway?

Local testing to see if the data is being split properly at least is at least one option. Some filters may also be parallelized over MPI but not threads.