Error in finding a continuous curve for stress distribution along an arbitrary direction

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I would like to calculate the values of stress along any arbitrary directions inside my model. However, for some angles, I cannot get a continuous curve, and I don’t know why. I’m uploading the two vtu. files as well as the related state file. As can be seen in the state file and also the two png. files, I can get a continuous stress curve on a 45-degree plane with respect to the x axis when I’m interested in calculating the stress values along a line oriented at 0-degree with respect to this plane (The blue curve). However, for the same plane, I cannot get a continuous curve along a line oriented at 45 degrees on this plane (The red curve). Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Cauchy_Problem.pvsm (747.7 KB) UC_with_inclusion_319.vtu (3.6 MB) UC_with_inclusion_incl_319.vtu (691.3 KB)

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The unstructured grid you uploaded is composed of Tri-Quadratic-Hexahedrons. Unfortunately this cell type might not be supported by Calculator or Plot Over Line filter or both. You should post this as a new issue over at here:

A workaround is to run the Tetrahedralize filter on the first grid like seen in the attached state file.
Cauchy_Problem_tet.pvsm (783.9 KB)

Hi Kyoshimi,

Thank you for your solution. However, I can’t see any plots when I load the attached state. I faced the attached error. Could you help me with this please?


Error_file.txt (9.9 KB)

Hello Hamidreza,

It might be need to choose the Search files under specified directory under Load State Data File Options when loading the state file.

Hello Kyoshimi,

I tried all three possible options under “Load State Data File Options”. However, I still have the same problem. For some reason, I cannot see the number 319 in front of UC_with_inclusion and UC_with_inclusion_incl files. (In the file that I attached before I had this number in front of them). For this reason, I cannot see the main structure when I try to make it visible. Moreover, when I go to the filter calculator1, I see Cauchy45XY_tri (?), which seems it has not been defined.

But, I followed what you did in creating a tetrahedralize filter and so on, and fortunately I could get continuous curves. It’s a really quick solution, and I really appreciate you. However, I will propose this problem under a new issue as you have suggested because it would be nice if we could solve this problem for Tri-Quadratic-Hexahedron elements, too.

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