Error in ParaView 5.7.0 when compiling with gcc 4.9.4 lots of error: no type named ‘ValueType’ in ‘auto’

Building ParaView with the latest superbuild on commit dbfee3f64e9b64e126a2df217f0156381251aa3b with gcc-4.9.4 I get lots of repeated errors in the form of error:
no type named ‘ValueType’ in ‘auto’
and of:
<lambda(SrcTupleCRefT)>’, is used but never defined [-fpermissive]
I’ve attached a build output. ParaView 5.6 built just fine with gcc-4.9.4 for reference.
pverror.out (1.8 MB)

Cc: @robert.maynard Seems we have GCC 4.9 compilation errors too

Okay I will look into fixing these in a separate MR.

@chart3388 I have opened a merge request for VTK that corrects this issue. Once merged into VTK, ParaView will update to get these corrections.

@robert.maynard - thank you. I’ll log this under an issue next time in gitlab. Also I can confirm this resolved the issue.