error LNK2019 Visual Studio vtkSMViewLayoutProxy subclasses

I’m compiling a C++ plugin for Paraview.

In my code I included the vtkSMViewLayoutProxy .h header file and I Initialized the Proxy from pqActiveObjects.
When I try to call tjhe subclasses as GetView or Split the compiler exit with LKN2019 error for reference libraries.
I tried to search in my binaries but there is no vtkSMViewLayoutPort.lib file.
Have I to recompile binaries including something else than standard settings of CMAKE?

Thank you in advance.


This symbol should be in libvtkRemotingViews.lib

Thank you.

And what is the library for vtkXYPlotActor?

Thank you in advance.


Figuring it out is very easy, just look at the location of the source file your are looking for.