Error loading PVD file

I’m new to ParaView and I’ve been trying to load a simulation of a planetoid mantle evolving over time. I’ve been able to run the model on a different computer using ParaView version 5.5.0 but I had a frame rate issue. So I’ve been trying to run it on my windows computer using ParaView version 5.8.0 using a PVD file connected to a few pvtu files, but it always come back with the same error “vtkXMLPUnstructuredGridReader (000002455FB43F30): File for piece 0 cannot be read.” Does anyone know how to fix this?

please share your .pvd and .vtu files.

solution.pvd (31.6 KB) solution-00000.pvtu (1.3 KB) solution-00001.pvtu (1.3 KB)

These are a few of them.

Your are missing the actual datafile, referenced in solution-0000*.pvtu.

<Piece Source="solution-00000.0000.vtu"/>