error message any HELP !!!!!

I’m just trying to visualize the results that I have from Nek5000 after exported them but it shows me an error message -

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Hi Mathieu,
I am trying to use Paraview for output visualization from Nek5000.
so after some modifications in the script on Nek5000
I can’t visualize the results after generating the metadata file, am on online visualization
he shows me the following message
( 178.090s) [paraview ]vtkAvtSTMDFileFormatAlg:555 ERR| vtkVisItNek5000Reader (0x63d69e0): VisIt Exception caught.
thank you for your help !

Looks like you are using Visit. You may want to ask on a Visit forum.

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ok i will .
thank you .

Actually, it looks like @laylafoura is using ParaView. It’s just that the Nek5000 reader is part of the bridge to VisIt readers. I don’t think the VisIt forum will be able to answer a problem with using the Nek5000 reader in ParaView.

I don’t know anything about the Nek5000 reader. It might be helpful if you can provide an example file that is not working.


Indeed, I read too fast.

@laylafoura: Could you try with the latest binary version of ParaView downloaded from here :

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